Telescopic 360 Degree Flexible Flashlight

Whether it’s Dropped Keys, Pins, Bolts, Screws, and More, This Handy Telescopic 360 Degree Flexible Flashlight Will Pick Them Up For You!

The No.1 Combination of Impressive Illumination and Magnetic Pull

The Unique Flashlight That Makes Life Easier!

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How many times have we gone through the annoying ordeal when items fall down and become near impossible to find or retrieve? Whether you’re working in your garage or out on a camping trip, not finding the things you need is frustrating!

And in many cases, regular flashlights can’t help you…

However, with this Telescopic 360-degree flexible flashlight, you can make your life a lot easier. It’s an affordable product that’s full of awesome features.

This Telescopic 360-degree flexible flashlight is a high quality, unique flashlight that's very handy when looking for things in very hidden zones or things that roll under the sofa or get stuck behind heavy furniture.

The design and features of this flashlight make it a must-have for every household as it can help you not only find lost keys, tools, and other small items, but also retrieve them due to the featured magnet.

It’ll Pull in Stray Screws and Bolts So You Don’t Have To!


This flashlight is also very helpful when you are working under the hood of your car. Its slim design allows it to reach places that are not easily accessible. The telescopic 360-degree flexible flashlight illuminates all the dark corners of your engine so that you can work on it easily.

If you are planning on going on a camping trip soon, then this exclusive flexible flashlight is a must buy.

The high powered LED lights will provide ample glow in the dark, helping you carry out all your activities even after the sun goes down.

So Flexible It’s Unbelievable

It has an extendable stem which makes it ideal for narrow spaces. The stem extends up to a length of 56.5 cm. its flexible neck can be rotated a full 360 degrees.

The featured magnetic head picks up nuts, washers, screws, keys, bolts, and other metal items when you need a third hand.

It's made from the military grade aluminum alloy which makes it weatherproof and shockproof. You only require 4 batteries to operate it.

This flashlight is a perfect gift for all the hands-on members of your family. It's ideal for fishing, camping, roadside emergencies, and boating. And it can comfortably fit in your pocket so it’s portable to carry everywhere you go.

Its powerful magnet can lift objects up to 1 kg. The torch is just 17.5 cm when it's not extended making it easier to fit it in your suitcase, backpack, glove compartment, bag, or even a pocket. It's a telescopic flashlight which can be extended to reach all those hard to reach places.   

This telescopic 360-degree flexible flashlight is available in four attractive colors – red, blue, black and silver.


Invest In This Handy Flashlight Now and Make Your Life a Whole Lot Easier

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